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How To Add Facebook Reviews To Website – Simplest Way

Of all the platforms for aggregating online reviews, Facebook reviews have become a much sought after medium as it allows its users to aggregate a substantial amount of user-generated content to create a social proof of their brand.

Displaying the social proof of a brand is an important aspect for most brands and businesses to increase their online presence and gradually boost sales and conversions of their brand. 

Embedding Facebook reviews have managed to garner the much needed attention from businesses to enjoy benefits like more user engagement on the website, build  a solid brand reputation, instill more trust and confidence in prospects and gradually an increase in sales and conversions. 

As the website is an important means of interaction between brands and potential customers, businesses have started displaying  Facebook reviews on their website.

If you too are new to this concept, then this post will give you an insight into the ways in which you can easily embed Facebook reviews on your website. 

Let’s get going with the process right away! 

Detailed Instructions For Easily Embed Facebook Reviews On Your Website 

Step 1 – Find A Content Aggregation Tool 

To begin the process, look for and shortlist a Facebook review aggregation tool. There are several aggregator tools available, and as you read on, we’ll tell you about the two best Facebook review tools.

Before you shortlist a tool, make sure you consider all of its features. Using a Facebook review tool rather than manually collecting content is a far better option. We have mentioned a few tools that you can use. Keep reading the find out about what those tools are. 

Step 2 – Combine Your Facebook Reviews 

You’ll be able to log into the tool after shortlisting it. The site dashboard area will appear once you are logged in.

You must pick Facebook reviews as a source, and once you’ve done so, you’ll be able to aggregate the Facebook reviews and see them in the widget editor area.

Step 3 – Customize the Facebook review widget as per your liking 

After creating the Facebook review widget, you can customize it as you wish. You will be able to use the customization options depending on the tool you select. 

You may boost the impact and efficacy of the Facebook review widget by using choices like colors, background, themes, templates, and so on.

Additionally, you may be able to leverage the content moderation panel of the tool (if the tool allows) and remove any unwanted or inappropriate content from the Facebook review widget. This ensures that your Facebook review widget has premium quality content that works in the favor of your brand. 

Step 4 – Incorporate the widget into your website

You’ll be ready to begin the embed procedure after you’re pleased with the widget’s existence and appearance. In the widget editor, click on the Publish button. A pop-up will appear when you choose your website construction platform. To generate the embed code, select Get Code from the drop-down menu.

On a clipboard, copy the embedded code. Log into your website builder and navigate to the page or area where you want to include Facebook reviews. In the backend part of the page, paste the embed code. Save your modifications, and you’re done!

Recommended Tools To Embed Facebook Reviews On Your Website 

  • Taggbox Widget 

The Taggbox widget is a popular social media aggregation tool that allows users to gather, curate, and integrate material from a variety of sources, including Facebook reviews. Users may use the tool’s promising features  to make the Facebook review widget more powerful.

Users may make the widget more appealing by customising it with a range of choices such as colours, fonts, and themes. A content moderation panel, comprehensive analytics, custom CSS, automatic content updates, and a dedicated support staff for 24/7 assistance are among  other features.

  • Official Facebook integration option

Another excellent technique to integrate Facebook reviews on websites is to use the platform’s official embedding review option. Facebook recognises the importance of harnessing current consumers’ voices for brands and hence provides this option to businesses.

This method, however, has drawbacks. The feature only allows users to incorporate one Facebook review at a time, making the procedure incredibly time-consuming. Second, unlike other social media aggregation tools, the choice does not allow users to modify the widget according to their preferences.

Important Takeaways

We’ve reached the conclusion of this article, and you now know how to incorporate Facebook reviews on your website using a few simple steps.

All you need is a social media aggregation tool to complete the task. We see no reason why you shouldn’t use this strategy in your marketing efforts now that you’re familiar with the greatest tools and the entire process!

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