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5 Best Alternatives of MS Words for Students

5 Best Microsoft word alternative for Students

If you’re looking for a Microsoft word alternative, you’ve probably tried of Microsoft Word. It has a streamlined user interface and a clear hierarchy of functions.

A good Word alternative should offer a similarly intuitive user interface and menus, a help center, and plenty of editing options.

You should also be able to edit and change text, fonts, add emphasis, copy and paste, and track every change.

Best Microsoft word alternative

1.  Scribus

Scribus microsoft word alternative

While Scribus is not as powerful as Adobe’s InDesign, it is a viable option for students’ as a Microsoft word alternative. The software allows extensive user customization, a centralized code repository, and left-hand-friendly keyboard shortcuts.

It is also significantly less resource-intensive than the commercial DTP programs and runs on most modern laptops. Its free version, Scribus Portable, can also be used on a Mac or Linux OS.

The program supports many file formats and can be installed on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The user interface is very intuitive and the program supports a variety of file formats. It also supports a large number of file types, including PDF, EPS, SVG, HTML, and XML.

It can import files with at least one frame. It supports most of the common formats for both text and images, including Adobe Illustrator and OpenOffice.

While Scribus is designed for professionals, students will find it surprisingly easy to use. There are nine main page layout types to choose from, including a word processor layout, a website layout, a company report layout, a magazine layout, and a mixed-column layout.

These are the most common types of page layout, but Scribus does offer a non-column option as well.

2.  Calligra

microsoft word alternative

The calligra suite has a number of applications that make writing a joy. Calligra is one of the top Microsoft word alternative nominees on our list. Calligra Author is the latest addition to the suite, designed specifically for authors of novels and other complex fiction. Authors will benefit from its tools for synopsis creation, writing, and polishing.

Authors can also export their manuscripts in various formats. The app’s focus on distraction-free writing has led to a slow development cycle. But once it reaches fruition, it should become a powerful writing tool.

In addition to Calligra, Markdown Notes is another distraction-free writing app. Like the former, it allows you to add images, embed links, and collaborate with others in real-time.

The downsides are that it doesn’t support more advanced formatting than Microsoft Word or typWrittr, but it can do the job. If you’re not comfortable with either of those options, you can use Bear, a beautiful writing app that supports multiple devices. The app even comes with an added bonus of using Face ID to secure notes that contain sensitive information.

Apart from the traditional writing tools, Calligra has a number of additional applications, including a vector graphics program called Krita. Unlike many other writing applications, Krita is an all-round paint application that rivals photoshop and GIMP. Interestingly, Calligra also has Karbon, a vector graphics program which has seen a decline in recent months. This means that Calligra has many advantages over competing office suites.


microsoft word alternative is a cloud-based office application that works just like MS Word and can be considered a Microsoft word alternative. It features the same editing and saving capabilities as its desktop counterpart. Like MS Word, it also supports the editing in the format for the text, which is particularly useful for college students.

While is a free and quick solution for writing and editing, it offers many benefits that make it an excellent alternative to MS Word.

As an online text editor, fills a much-needed role for content creators and Students. is becoming increasingly popular as people shift away from traditional word processors. typically have a simpler interface, which can make them easier to use.

They also allow you to save your work on your device, which means that you can access it from your computer or device. is a great online text editor that offers a range of features, including the ability to export your file on a single click.

4.  Zoho Writer

microsoft word alternative

if you have read this far we have something special for you. Zoho Writer is the best Microsoft word alternative nowadays in the market. it is an online word processor that offers a familiar interface. It auto-saves your documents and calls out spelling and grammar errors. Unlike many other writing applications, you can collaborate with others on the same document while working offline.

You can also share your document with friends, colleagues, and other users. It has a range of inbuilt features that help you create and edit documents quickly and easily.

The Zoho Writer application is a free word processor with basic editing features. It has two-step authentication and encryption for security purposes. Its features include indentation, which aligns paragraphs with equal margins.

It has a variety of other features, including a translator and a trainer. And if you have to write a paper for class, Zoho Writer is an excellent option for you.

Zoho Writer is free to use and syncs with Mac, PC, and iPhone. It offers features like collaboration tools, contextual grammar and readability, style suggestions, and more. It also allows you to import and link your existing Word document. Jarte is another free text editor that requires no installation. However, this tool has less features than Zoho Writer.

For those with limited time or need to edit documents quickly, Google Docs is a great alternative to MS Words for students. It is easy to use and features a streamlined user interface. There is a great option for photographers too, thanks to its customizable extensions. Besides that, you can use Zoho Writer as your primary word processor. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!

5.  LibreOffice Writer

microsoft word alternative

LibreOffice Writer is an open-source word processor that closely resembles the Microsoft suite. It includes the same general features as Microsoft Word, including spell checking, document formatting, and more. Like Word, LibreOffice Writer uses the OpenDocument Format (ODF) file extension. It also supports DOC, DOCX, and RTF file formats.

The word count in LibreOffice Writer always includes footnotes, unlike in Microsoft Word. It also includes a convenient Track Changes implementation that shows the changes made in each section clearly. Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature is less accurate.

The menu items for footnotes and comments are harder to find, and the fonts are limited. However, it is easier to share documents between writers than between departments.

The difference between LibreOffice Writer and Word is most apparent in its file format. LibreOffice uses the ODT format for documents, whereas Microsoft uses the DOCX format for documents. While both programs can read and write ODT files, the accuracy isn’t as high as Word. Moreover, LibreOffice Writer saves your work frequently, which is essential if you want to edit or share it with others. we hope now you can find Microsoft word alternative and keep sharing your great work with the world.

LibreOffice is available in 119 languages. It is free and open source and is compatible with most Microsoft Office file formats. One thing to note about LibreOffice is that it won’t look exactly like a Microsoft Words document, as Microsoft uses proprietary fonts.

However, LibreOffice is compatible with most non-Microsoft products. It has a better compatibility with Microsoft Office, but it can still be problematic for some power users and those who need to make complex document layouts.

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